Chicago Running Tour

While we were in Chicago, David and I decided to sign up for a running tour a few days after running the Prairie State Marathon.  Runner’s World magazine had a whole issue dedicated to the Chicago Marathon the month before the marathon, and they had an article featuring Chicago Running Tours.  The company hosts a number of different tour options — we chose the Chicago Tragic Events tour. The tour started at Millennium Park and took us to five spots in the Loop where tragic historical events took place.

Since we went on a Wednesday, it ended up being just David and me on the tour.  Our tour guide was very informative but also a lot of fun, cracking corny jokes and encouraging us to take goofy pics.  We would run for a bit, then stop to hear a little history on some of the famous buildings and sculptures or one of the five tragic events, then run to the next stop.  The course was about 4 miles overall but took about 2 hours with all of the stops.  I definitely felt like we were able to see a lot of sites that we wouldn’t have noticed by just walking around on our own.

I would recommend doing one of the tours from this company if you find yourself in Chicago, and I’ll also be looking for running tours in other cities we visit.  Here are some facts about the tour:

  • The tour guides run between 10 to 13 minute miles, depending on who is in the group, and we never ran more than a quarter of a mile between stops.  It’s not a race, and you don’t need to worry if you’re not a fast runner.  The motto of the company is The Slower We Go The More We Show.
  • The stories about the buildings and historical sites were very interesting, and we learned things that we didn’t even see at the Chicago History Museum, which we visited a few days prior to the tour.
  • Running to the locations is a great way to stay active while on vacation.  It also allowed us to see more spots in a shorter amount of time than a walking tour.
  • The company provided us with free downloads of any pictures our guide took along the way.

Below are some of the photos from our tour.  It was a cloudy, misty day, but it ended up being perfect for the ominous theme of our tour.  I feel like I know more about the history of Chicago than I do about Denver!

Wooden walkway in Millennium Park's Laurie Gardens

Wooden walkway in Millennium Park’s Lurie Gardens

Spot where Route 66 began

Spot where Route 66 begins

Leaning tower of Chicago? Or optical illusion?

Leaning tower of Chicago? Or optical illusion?

One of the many installations Chicago is known for

One of the many installations Chicago is known for

Playing on the Picasso!

Playing on the Picasso!

Chicago theater

Chicago theater

We made it!

The Bean naturally


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