Race Recap: Brunch Run 5k and Training Update

bRUNch 5k Recap

About a month ago, Jessica asked Elissa and I if we would be interested in running the bRUNch 5k with her. The race took place in Central Park (Denver, not NYC… it’s just slightly smaller…), which is about half a mile from my apartment. It also had one important draw: free food and booze for all race participants at the festival afterwards. That seemed too good to be true! So of course we were in. The price was $50 per runner, but we all got discounts and paid around $40.

The race started at 9:30, which seemed kind of late in September, when it can still be pretty hot in Denver. But it was super nice to sleep in a bit. Elissa and Jessica met David and me at our apartment, then we all walked over to Central Park. Luckily, it was not as hot as it has been, with a cool breeze to help dampen the heat of the sun. We got some wrist bands for the beer garden later, hung out for a bit, than started the race.

Waiting for the race to start

Waiting for the race to start

We're all set!

The race was very well organized, with lots of signage and people directing you to the right turns and pathways (which can be a little confusing in the park). There weren’t a ton of people racing, so it thinned out quickly and we all felt like we were basically on our own during the race. I ran 12 miles the day before as part of my marathon training, so I wasn’t feeling overly confident about performing well at the 5k. I decided to just run whatever pace felt best. I couldn’t see any women ahead of me though, and finished in about 23:30 (I don’t know my official time yet)… which was enough for first place in my gender! First time I’ve ever placed for women. David finished first in his age group, and Elissa finished fourth for women. Jessica had a huge PR of two and a half minutes, and finished around 32:50.

The after party was sooooo much fun. There were several restaurants with brunch foods (french toast, breakfast burritos, waffle sandwiches, scones, etc., etc.), plus mimosas, bloody mary’s, and beer. We stayed later than we usually do after a race because it was so deliciously awesome. I think this race will be one we’ll have to do again next year.

Bloody Maries

Bloody Maries

French Toast!

French Toast!

Semi-awkward cheersing pic

Semi-awkward cheers-ing pic

I received a pound of some local bacon (from Denver Bacon Company) for placing first, plus several gift cards at local brunch restaurants. David also got a pound of bacon for placing first in his age group… so we will be well stocked with bacon for a while!

Bacon as prize.

Bacon as prize.

Training Update

Now I’m trying to focus on tapering for the Prairie State Marathon, which is in two short weeks. I really don’t know how well I’ll do for this marathon. I had some tendinitis on the top of my foot for a couple weeks, which has healed, but now I’m battling some IT band pain. I’ve gotten a lot more consistent at using the foam roller after every run, but it has still been bothering me. My long runs feel slow and difficult. I know that they are supposed to be slow, and I probably felt the same before the last marathon. Maybe I’m just remembering it with rose-colored glasses? I don’t even know what my goal is for the race, other than that I would really like to PR, which means hopefully running it in under 3:50. Beyond that, I think I’m more excited for the vacation aspect (David and I are spending a week in Chicago), and getting away from the stress of work and life.

So, for now, I’m resting my legs and hoping for the best. Either way, training for a marathon is always an adventure in itself, and I’m so glad that I was able to get out and run for the past few months. David and I even did our longest runs together. Here’s to running and training, even when you’re not sure what the outcome will be 🙂


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