Now What?

I’m feeling a little strange right now. For the first time since July, I’m not currently training for a marathon. My training log is sparsely dotted with short 3-6 mile runs, but I feel no real sense of urgency to log serious miles. 50 degrees and sunny? Great! I’ll going for a run. 8 inches of fresh snow? Meh. I’ll curl up and watch a movie. When you run your first two marathons within a 3 month period, and then they’re done, it leaves you asking the question: Now what?

The urge to sign up for a Spring marathon is strong. But I want to get faster; I want a marathon PR. And if I continue to run back-to-back marathons without giving my body a rest, I don’t think that will happen. So I did what any runner who is trying to resist the Lure of the Marathon would do: I filled my Spring Calendar with shorter distance races.

Starting with…

February: Loveland Sweetheart Classic 4-Miler


I ran this race last year. I wasn’t exactly planning on running it again, but I’m trying to move up a few corrals with my Bolder Boulder qualifying time, and I thought the best way would be to sign up for a shorter race and try to run it really fast. I roped Mike into joining me again (it is a romantic Valentine’s race after all), and I’m hoping he can pace me to my desired time. As you can probably gather from my current lackadaisical attitude toward running, I’m not really sure if I have the speed in me. We’ll see.

April: Race for Open Space Half Marathon


Erin emailed a link to this race this week and pointed out that it is literally right in her backyard. Half marathon in April? Sure, why not! We plan on using it as a training run, because the real goal race is the next one.

May: Colfax Half Marathon


Our goal has been to work on speed and shoot for a half marathon PR this Spring. This is the race we’re working toward. The half goes through  the city of Denver, including the Denver Zoo. But the main thing here is I want a half marathon PR. I’ll be training with Hal Higdon’s Advanced half marathon training plan. Hal Higdon hasn’t led me astray yet!

May: Bolder Boulder 10K

untitled (2)

Finally on my Spring calendar is the Bolder Boulder. We had such a great time last year, it may just become an annual tradition. Running through Boulder with 50,000 other people, beer, food, music — what better way to kick off summer?

And just like that, the next few months are filled up with races to look forward to. Erin and I would both like to do another marathon in the Fall, and hopefully we’ll both have a good base, some more speed, and we’ll snag a marathon PR. Now we just have to find the perfect Fall Full.


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