Taper Time Randomness

Well, our marathon is just around the corner. As I type this, we are 14 days away. That means we are officially in taper mode – the three weeks leading up to the marathon where you gradually decrease your mileage in order to save up energy and race with fresh legs.

Some people go a little crazy during tapering. They are nervous for the marathon, have extra energy from the decreased mileage, and they can’t do the one activity they rely on in order to blow off some steam – run! I might get there, especially the week leading up to the race. But for now, I’m just feeling relieved. I’m tired. I’m ready for a few easy weeks. And for Pete’s sake, I’m ready to be a marathoner already!

As I enjoy this taper time, I’ll update you on what’s been going on lately.

Final 20-Miler

We did our fourth and final 20 mile run with Erin’s running club in Denver. It was the same course that we ran for our first 20 miler with the club. It’s a five mile out, five mile back stretch of bike path that you do twice to hit the 20 miles.

10 of 201

At the halfway turn-around point. 10 miles down, 10 to go.

Four 20-milers is really more than you need to do to be prepared for a marathon. But I really do feel ready, and since we did the same course for our first and our last, it was a good gauge for us to see how we had improved. I know that last six miles is going to be brutal, but I also really feel like we can do this!

finish 201

Tired, but happy to be done with another 20 mile run. I can only imagine how happy I’ll be do be done with a 26.2 mile run!

So now my body is finally getting a chance to rest and re-energize. Also, my body thinks I’m full of crap and a big fat liar when it comes to all this tapering business since I ran a very steep hill on my chilly 12 miler this morning. It doesn’t feel very rested at all. But whatever, moving on…

The Floods

Northern Colorado got hit hard with floods recently, and although my small town of Windsor and Ft. Collins where I teach, actually fared better than some other nearby towns, the flood waters still wreaked havoc for more than a week. School was closed on Friday the 13th, mostly because you just couldn’t get anywhere. Almost every road that crossed a river was closed, and entire sections of the cities were cut off from one another. It was like we were all living on little islands. Erin and I still managed to get in our third 20-miler with our friend Tiffany that Saturday, which ended up being the one day of sunshine in over a week.

It took another week before I tried out the nearby bike paths, only to find this:


We actually knew the bike paths were still closed, but Mike felt pretty sure I would be able to navigate around the wet spots. Um, not exactly…


Alternative routes were taken until the flood waters receded, and life in Northern Colorado got back to normal for most of us whose homes weren’t directly affected by the flooding. For others whose homes were damaged or washed away, or for people who are cut off from their houses indefinitely while roads are rebuilt, normalcy will take longer. And like any natural disaster, it will take months to truly get things back to the way they were.

Liberty Road Runners

Another running teacher and I started a running club for the 4-6th graders at our school. It’s really just for fun, and for runners of all ability levels. We get out twice a week after school for group runs, and we’re training for a 5k in November. Check out these Liberty Road Runners!

running club1

These kids rock!

I love sharing my passion for running with my kids (my own and my students), but I wasn’t sure how much I was going to love changing into running clothes and hitting the trail with a bunch of students twice a week. Turns out, I love it! It’s so much fun to get out and chat with the kids outside of school. Plus, it’s been a great way to squeeze in 2-4 miles twice a week. We have had a great turn-out with kids who are really into the club. And we’ve had great involvement with other teachers and parents who come and run with us. (And thank goodness for that – this is a lot of kids to keep track of out on the trails!)

How I Roll

I’ll leave you with this last picture for all the running nerds out there. My foam roller has gotten me through many high mileage weeks. This is how I roll.




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