Race Recap: Spring Fever 10k

I feel like I’m in a bit of a running slump.  I have a litany of excuses.  First, there was the queso incident in my 3-mile race a month ago.  Then a week later I bashed up my knee (okay bashed is a little extreme), which really hurt a lot worst than I expected.  After all, didn’t I scrape my knees all the time as a kid with no repercussions?  But it seriously took over a week for me to run (or even walk!) without feeling the pain of the scrapes.  We moved last weekend, which was successful but still stressful, and I developed a cold soon after.  So there you go.  I am a mess.  Or maybe I am just feeling under the weather and prone to a good, old-fashioned whine.  Bring out the cheese.

Anyway, I was supposed to run in a 10k race over a week ago, right before our big move.  But when a blizzard rolled in, it was rescheduled to this past Saturday.  I seriously considered skipping it.  I only signed up for it because I was supposed to do a 10k for my training plan that week, and I knew I wouldn’t feel at the top of my game due to my cold.  And this elevation profile should have really put a nail in the coffin:

Hill of doom

Note the hill of doom

But I need to work on not shying away from courses with a little hill, and David and I needed to go to Denver anyway to pick up a few things (the race was in Golden).  So I mustered the energy on Saturday morning to wake up and put my running gear on, although I think I was more excited for the Starbucks on the way than the actual race.

I was feeling a little better when we got there.  It was a beautiful day, and the race was well organized.  I would definitely do another race in the series.  It was put on by All-Out Multisport Productions.  I told myself I would just enjoy the race.  Here I am starting out:

Starting Line

Starting Line

The first couple of miles, as you can see from the elevation profile, were downhill, and I took advantage of it.  I was feeling great.

Then I reached the hill of doom.

Not only were the next few miles uphill, but the wind started blowing against us.  The sun came out and I was roasting.  And the sore throat and nausea from my cold felt like they suddenly became about 1,000,000 times worst.  I made an executive decision: walk the steepest parts, jog the rest, and pick it up for the downhill… if I ever got to go downhill again.  Once I implemented that plan, the rest of the race actually was quite enjoyable.  I took it easy on the hills and cruised when I could.  In fact, I actually look pretty happy in this string of photos:


My splits really reflect the difficulty of the course:


We didn’t stick around for the awards since we had other things to do that day, and the wind really got too unbearable for hanging around.  I found out later that I placed 4th out of 49 females, so I guess I wasn’t the only one struggling with the elevation and wind.  Not too shabby, plus it forced me to do a hill workout.  But I am definitely ready to get out of this slump! 🙂


One response to “Race Recap: Spring Fever 10k

  1. Great race! You really picked it up for the downhill sections, so your time ended up being pretty good! I definitely need to do more hills too.

    I have been in a slump too. I’m finally getting my motivation to train hard again, but I still don’t have my speed back. I hope I get back up to a decent speed before the half!

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